Hiring backed
by data

Use Helpmehire to understand how many candidates’ profiles match your search criteria, how long it would take to hire, what’s the salary benchmark for the role and more.

Helpmehire shortens time-to-fill by aligning hiring teams upfront and improving the process with verified and benchmarked data.

Eliminate friction in those crucial closing stages by having everyone on the same page from the start.

About Us

The idea behind Helpmehire came out of the challenges that we, Andrei Curtui and Daniel Plesa, had as Freelance Recruiters working with companies such as Adyen, McKinsey, MessageBird, EV-Box, Recharge, Media Distillery and others.

The usual process for hiring is the following: When hiring managers need a new person in their team they think of all the skills the person needs to have, and this information is passed on to the recruiter, to find suitable candidates with these skills.

To answers these questions, it takes a lot of time.

The recruiter needs to answer the following questions:

Is the profile realistic compared with the availability on the market?
Are there enough candidates in the market that match the criteria? What is enough?
Does the job description correlate with what is needed in terms of title, required/nice to have skills?
Is our budget enough for the seniority/skills required?
Compared to other companies searching for the same role, how do we stand?
Are we advertising our role on the channels where our candidate pool is present?
Do we have a lean interview process?

When companies are scaling and need to hire 100+ new people, this research is impossible to do. That’s why companies end up going to recruitment agencies, that charge anywhere between 20% – 30% of the hires’ salary, not because the roles are hard to fill, but because they can’t answer the questions above. This lack of information is costing companies a lot of resources.

This is the costly problem that we’re solving with Helpmehire!



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